Meeting #:
Council Chamber, City Hall

  • Recommendation
    1. ​That the request to speak from DeeAnn Mercier dated February 22, 2019 be added to item 8.2.6;
    2. That letters from the following be added to item 8.5.1:
      • Alison Norlen dated February 22, 2019
      • Karen Chad dated February 22, 2019
      • Veronica Gamracy dated February 22, 2019
      • Trent Bester dated February 22, 2019
      • Jenna Richards dated February 22, 2019
      • Garnet McElree dated February 24, 2019;
    3. That the letter submitting comments from Jared Stephenson dated February 23, 2019 be added to Item 9.4.1;
    4. That the following item with speaker be considered immediately following consideration of the Consent Agenda items:
      • 8.2.6 - DeeAnn Mercier; and
    5. That the agenda be confirmed, as amended.
  • Recommendation

    ​That the minutes of the Regular Business Meeting of City Council held on January 28, 2019, be adopted.

This is a standing item on the agenda in order to provide Council Members an opportunity to provide any public acknowledgements.

  • Recommendation

    ​That the Committee recommendations contained in Items 8.1.1 to 8.1.3; 8.2.1 to 8.2.7; 8.3.1 to 8.3.2; 8.4.1 to 8.4.5; and 8.5.1 be adopted as one motion.

    1. That Triovest Realty Advisors, as the Developer of the East Tower at Parcel YY in River Landing, be approved to perform construction management of civic streetscaping in front of the East Tower area in conjunction with their hardscaping work, on behalf of the City of Saskatoon;
    2. That the work be in compliance with civic standards, follow administrative conditions, and a process be outlined for reimbursement in a formalized construction agreement;
    3. That the City Solicitor be requested to prepare the appropriate agreement, as outlined in the February 12, 2019 report of the A/General Manager, Community Services Department, between the Developer and the City of Saskatoon, and;
    4. That His Worship the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute the agreement as prepared by the City Solicitor, under the Corporate Seal.
    1. That the Fraud Risk Assessment and the Health and Safety Assessment Audits be approved for the 2019 Internal Audit Plan; and
    2. That if the Administration or the Internal Auditor have anything further to submit regarding the 2019 Audit Plan, they do so to the Committee at the appropriate time.
  • That a $500,000 appeal contingency, as agreed by the North Saskatoon Business Association and the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, be added to the property tax levy for the commercial/industrial property class for 2019.

Request to Speak - DeeAnn Mercier, Broadway BID

    1. That the 2019 budget submissions from the Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District, Broadway Improvement District, Riversdale Business Improvement District, Sutherland Business Improvement District, and 33rd Street Business Improvement District be approved; and
    2. That the City Solicitor be requested to prepare the 2019 Business Improvement District Levy Bylaws for submission to City Council for consideration at the same meeting that the Mill Rate Bylaws are presented.
  • Recommendation

    That the Administration report back with criteria on where vertical calming devices could be considered, and that the Administration continue to try different vertical traffic devices under different conditions.

Letters submitting comments:

- Alison Norlen dated February 22, 2019;

Karen Chad dated February 22, 2019;

- Veronica Gamracy dated February 22, 2019;

- Trent Bester dated February 22, 2019;

- Jenna Richards dated February 22, 2019; and

- Garnet McElree dated February 24, 2019

  • Recommendation

    That the recommended appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees as noted by the City Clerk and included in this report, be approved.

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