via teleconference, hosted from Council Chamber, Saskatoon City Hall

Submissions providing comments and/or requesting to speak will be accepted for public meetings using the online form at If your submission includes a request to speak, you will be contacted by a representative from the City Clerk’s Office with further information.

  • Recommendation

    That the agenda be approved as presented.

  • Recommendation

    That the minutes of the Public Hearing meeting of City Council held on February 28, 2022 be approved.

The following documents are provided:

  • Proposed Bylaw No. 9814;
  • Report of the General Manager, Community Services, dated February 15, 2022;
  • Letter from the Municipal Planning Commission, dated February 15, 2022;
  • Notice that appeared in the local press on March 12 and 14, 2022;
  • Request to speak from Michael Brennan, Great Western Brewing Company Limited, dated March 22, 2022; and
  • Letter from Vanessa Amy, dated March 18, 2022.
  • Recommendation

    That City Council consider Bylaw No. 9814.

A report of the Chief Financial Officer, dated March 28, 2022 is provided along with notice that appeared in the local press on March 19 and 21, 2022.

  • Recommendation

    That City Council authorize the following planned borrowing:

    1. up to $9,833,200 for the Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing Program (Capital Project P1956), from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and internal borrowing (which includes $2,500,000 in previously approved borrowing and $7,333,200 in new borrowing); and
    2. an allowable 10% variance on the borrowing requirements for the project identified. Any variance greater than 10% of the borrowing amount identified would require a new public notice;

A list of flag raising and proclamation requests received for the month of February 2022 is provided.

  • Recommendation

    That the information be received.