Council Chamber, City Hall

Submissions providing comments and/or requesting to speak will be accepted for public meetings using the online form at If your submission includes a request to speak, you will be contacted by a representative from the City Clerk’s Office with further information.

The Chair will call the Public Hearing Meeting to order on Treaty 6 Territory and the Traditional Homeland of the Métis People and confirm roll call.

  • Recommendation

    That the agenda be approved as presented.

  • Recommendation

    That the minutes of the Public Hearing meeting of City Council held on September 26, 2022 be approved.

The following documents are provided:

  • Report of the General Manager, Community Services, dated September 27, 2022; and
  • Letter from the Municipal Planning Commission, dated September 29, 2022.

The City Planner advises that notification posters have been sent to all adjacent landowners within 150 metres of the site.

  • Recommendation

    That the Discretionary Use Application submitted by D+S Homes requesting approval to develop a Residential Care Home - Type II for up to 15 residents and two staff members at any one time, at 2214 Clarence Avenue South, be approved, subject to the following conditions: 

    1) The applicant obtains a Development Permit and all other relevant permits and licences (including a Building Permit); and

    2) The final plans submitted be substantially in accordance with the plans submitted in support of this Discretionary Use Application.

A report of the General Manager, Community Services dated October 31, 2022 is provided.

  • Recommendation

    That the proposed amendment to Bylaw No. 8770, Zoning Bylaw, 2009, to remove the Holding Symbol (H) from a portion of 2775 Meadows Parkway (Parcel J, Plan No. 102346859), as outlined in the October 31, 2022 report of the General Manager, Community Services, be denied.

A list of flag raising and proclamation requests received for the month of September 2022 is provided.

  • Recommendation

    That the information be received.