Via Teleconference Hosted in the Council Chamber, Saskatoon City Hall

  • Recommendation
    1. That the following letters be added to Item 4.1:
      1. Request to Speak:
        1. Brent Penner, dated December 8, 2021; and
        2. Mark Arcand, dated December 8, 2021.
    2. That the agenda be confirmed as amended. 

A report from Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Corporate Services is provided.  

The following letters are also provided:

    1. Request to Speak:
      1.Brent Penner, dated December 8, 2021;
      2. Mark Arcand, dated December 8, 2021
  • Recommendation
    1. That the City enter a Lease with Saskatoon Tribal Council for approximately 9,850 square feet of floor space at 145 1St Avenue North, ISC Parcel No. 120164206, for the purpose of providing a temporary emergency residential shelter, based on the terms outlined in the December 7, 2021 report of the Fire Chief; and
    2. That the City Solicitor be requested to prepare the appropriate agreements and that His Worship the Mayor and the City Clerk be authorized to execute the agreements under the Corporate Seal.