Council Chamber, City Hall

Submissions providing comments and/or requesting to speak will be accepted for public meetings using the online form at committees. If your submission includes a request to speak, you will be contacted by a representative from the City Clerk’s Office with further information.

  • Recommendation
    1. That the letter requesting to speak from Cary Tarasoff, dated November 20, 2022, be added to Item 8.2.1;
    2. That the letter requesting to speak from Cary Tarasoff, dated November 20, 2022, be added to Item 8.2.2; and
    3. That the agenda be confirmed as amended.



Governance and Priorities Committee

  • Recommendation

    1.That The Procedures and Committees Bylaw, 2014 be amended to:

    a. add wording making it clear that items that are deferred from a previous meeting will be included as unfinished business on the next agenda;

    b. allow for the cancellation of a regular Council meeting by the City Clerk in consultation with the Chair and key Administration for lack of agenda items and that the City Clerk give at least 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation to Council members and the public;

    c. include a deadline for communications must be received by the City Clerk for special meetings by a time as designated on the official notice of meeting;

    d. add appropriate wording to confirm that no additional communications will be added when there is not new information presented at the deferred date of consideration;

    e. add appropriate wording

    i. to include the five-minute speaking rule for matters on the Council or Council Committee Agenda;

    ii. to include a provision for the Chair to have discretion to allow for up to five additional minutes for persons with disabilities or who require an interpreter;

    f. route inquiry responses through the appropriate Standing Policy Committee;

    g. add wording that except for matters that require public hearing and public notice, that a deferral motion be to a general date if a fixed date is unknown;

    h. include the Mayor is the Chair of the Governance and Priorities Committee for Special Meetings of that Committee;

    i. change the election of the Chair of the Standing Policy Committees to be held at the first SPCs meeting of the year;

    j. allow for communications from applicable partners to be routed from the SPC to City Council for information;

    k. allow for an extension of time of a Standing Policy Committee on the consent of the majority of members present for no longer than 15 minutes beyond its end time;

    l. to clarify that Council/Committee actions regarding matters added to Council/Committee as Urgent Business shall be limited to a motion to:

    i. accept as information; or

    ii. referred to the administration

    m. include for the five (5) minute speaking rule for members of Standing Policy Committees;

    n. amend schedule C of the Bylaw to have Requests to Speak on new matters fall just before Communications requiring direction to reflect current practice;

    o. amend schedule C of the bylaw to have Administrative and Legislative reports be considered in the following order: Decision Reports, Approval Reports, Information reports;

    p. change the policy areas and delegated authority as outlined in part C. of this report; and

    2. That the City Solicitor prepare the necessary Procedure Bylaw amendments as outlined in the November 14, 2022, report of the City Clerk.