Council Chamber, City Hall
Committee Members:
  • Councillor R. Donauer, 
  • Councillor B. Dubois, Chair, 
  • Councillor S. Gersher, 
  • Councillor D. Hill, 
  • Councillor D. Kirton, 
  • and His Worship Mayor C. Clark (Ex-Officio)

Submissions providing comments and/or requesting to speak will be accepted for public meetings using the online form at If your submission includes a request to speak, you will be contacted by a representative from the City Clerk’s Office with further information.


Submissions will be accepted no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Monday the week of the meeting. 

The Deputy City Clerk will call the meeting to order on Treaty 6 Territory and the Traditional Homeland of the Métis People and confirm roll call.

City Council, at its Regular Business Meeting held on September 26, 2022 made the following appointments for 2023:

SPC on Transportation
Councillor R. Donauer
Councillor B. Dubois
Councillor D. Hill
Councillor S. Gersher
Councillor D. Kirton

The Committee is requested to appoint a Chair and Vice Chair for 2023.

Councillor Dubois was appointed Chair for 2022 and Councillor Jeffries was appointed Vice Chair for 2022.

  • Recommendation

    That the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation appoint a Chair and Vice Chair for 2023.

  • Recommendation

    That the agenda be confirmed as presented. 

  • Recommendation

    That the minutes of regular meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation held December 5, 2022 be adopted.

A report of the Administration is provided.

  • Recommendation

    That the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation recommend to City Council that the City Solicitor be requested to prepare an amendment to Bylaw No. 9651, Vehicles for Hire Bylaw, 2019, to permit the Saskatoon Airport Authority Commercial Curb Fee to be added to the taxi fare, as outlined in the report of the January 10, 2023 report of the General Manager, Community Services.

  • Recommendation

    That the reports contained in Items 8.3.1 to 8.3.5 be received as information.